Find Out About Burton Bradstock’s Community Emergency Response Plan

Find out about Burton Bradstock’s Community Emergency Response Plan

Come along to a Drop-in session in the Village Hall on the evening of Tuesday 18 October 2022 from 6pm to 8pm and find out about Burton Bradstock’s Community Emergency Response Plan.

See the first draft of the Plan, find out why it is needed and how you can help make it work. We value your input and comments.

We are all aware of the flooding issues that occasionally affect our village, but there are many other kinds of emergency and we hope to make our community as prepared and resilient as it can be.

Why does Burton Bradstock need a Community Emergency Response Plan?


Flooding August 2022

Emergencies happen. Local emergency responders will always have to prioritise those in greatest need during an emergency, especially where life is in danger. There will be times when we may be affected by an emergency but our lives are not in immediate danger.

During this time, we need to know how to help ourselves and those around us.

By becoming more resilient, our community can complement the work of local emergency responders and reduce the impact of an emergency on our community both in the short and long term.

A group of people within the village have formed a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) under the auspices of the Parish Council, and have put together a first draft of a Community Emergency Response Plan (CERP).

The team is championing the emergency preparedness efforts in Burton Bradstock before an incident takes place, during an emergency, and will also play a role in community recovery.

Part of the Plan is having strong networks of local people and places that can provide assistance, temporary refuge and networks of information at a time of emergency and we are gathering details of those willing to help.

An emergency/major incident is any event or circumstance (happening with or without warning) that causes or threatens death or injury, disruption to the community, or damage to property or to the environment on such a scale that the effect cannot be dealt with by the emergency services, local authorities and other organisations as part of their normal day-to-day activities.

**Having a community emergency response plan is not a substitute for calling 999 if there is risk to life.**



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