Supplies Of Sandbags, Salt And Grit For Burton Bradstock Residents

Supplies of sandbags, salt and grit for Burton Bradstock residents

The parish council has arranged for a limited supply of sandbags which are stored locally.

Should a resident wish to acquire a few sandbags to alleviate a potential flood risk, then sandbags are available for this use.

You can collect these by contacting the telephone number 01308 897043 to arrange a mutually convenient time.

The sandbags should be stored in a dry place so that you can manipulate the sandbags to protect against water ingress.

Grit and Salt Mixture

There are also bags of salt and grit which have been purchased by the parish council for use in conditions of icy and snow-covered surfaces which are in regular public use.

These will also need to be stored in a dry place, ready for spreading.

Please contact the telephone number 01308 897043.

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