Community Book Exchange – Could You Help?

Community book exchange – could you help?

You may be aware that the Parish Council has been looking at the informal “book drop” that has established itself in the bus shelter.

Concerns were raised about the fact that library books had been left there; the possible detrimental effect of the book drop on the use of the library; that the items left there weren’t monitored as to suitable content, untidiness and about how the shelter may not be a suitable location.

We asked anyone who laid claim to the shelves and books to let us know, with a view to clearing the area.

It is fair to say that strong feelings have been expressed on both sides of the argument on whether to continue with a community book exchange, or remove it!

At our meeting on 20 April parish councillors considered all the comments made and have taken the view that if such a facility exists, it needs to be managed and curated. It may be better elsewhere – perhaps in the disused telephone box.

So, would anyone who has supported the idea be willing to manage it on a voluntary basis? It would mean checking very regularly that content is appropriate; clean and readable and likely to be of interest. That no items of “rubbish” are left; that excess books are sorted and, perhaps put aside for the village fair and fete book stalls. Perhaps there should be a “If you bring a book; take a book away” suggestion?

If you would like to assist in this, please drop an email to

The Parish Council will be considering the matter again at a future meeting, so we’d be very happy to hear from anyone who is interested. Thank you!


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